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I am a licensed electrical technician and have been a researcher and paranormal/metaphysical enthusiast for more than 25 years. The field has taken me on many journeys of countless personal paranormal and metaphysical encounters throughout my life including remote viewing, astral projection, paranormal investigation, spiritual mediumship and energy healing just to name a few. I have a Bachelor's in Metaphysical Science and currently working towards my PhD.  I recently founded and started Clermont Paranormal in the hopes to help introduce people to the realities other than what we can perceive and that we live in a much larger universe. I have always been told that I have striking concept for the unseen world around us and an intriguing approach to which to explain the workings of the world around us.

About My Practice/Research
Clermont Paranormal is unlike the popular view of what we all see on television. Our practice and research in the metaphysical sciences have taught us that there is a strict boundary and decorum involved when it comes to this type of work. We DO NOT taunt, mock, chase, hunt or make light of the metaphysical, for it is the constant that makes us what and who we are. There are strong and weak forces of energy that may seem or appear to be un-natural but are in fact more natural than what you are currently able to perceive because we all inhabit a vessel called the human body. It is the basis of our reality and the fabric of which we exist.

We simply seek and search for answers that we could not otherwise obtain from the living and mundane world around us. We here at Clermont Paranormal are in the field of scientific research for the advancement of further knowledge of consciousness, the human condition and the realms of paranormal, anomalous and/or metaphysical phenomena.

Our Home is located in the rolling hills of Clermont, Florida which is the geographical center of the state located in the area of U.S. Highway 27 and State Road 50. We cover a majority of the Central Florida area and occasionally partake in long investigational road trips. Our mission is to help those who may think that their homes or places of business are experiencing anomalous or paranormal activity. We conduct all of our investigations with advanced methods and treat all investigations with the utmost highest scientific and moral integrity. As our client, you come first and foremost. We understand the tragedies or burdens that may accompany the issues resulting from unexplained phenomena. For those who are new to the personal experiences of these issues you may be quite distraught or confused. We understand. If you happen to be someone that is new to this experience and are witness to unexplainable phenomena then you have come to the right place.

We offer Geopathics, Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Counseling, Space Clearing, Spiritual & Psychic Mediumship services.


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