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Status Username Email Website City, State, Country Membership Level Date Registered Posts
Offline Abolfazl Gilakikenari Dr. Gilaki Metaphysical Research Center Iran / Tehran Professional 2014-11-09 0
Offline Afra Kortram Email Afra energetisch therapeut Mechelen, Belgium Professional 2017-06-20 1
Offline Akshay Sharma Email Delhi IMHS Student 2012-11-20 0
Offline Alan Jones Email Alan Jones Redruth, Cornwall, UK Professional 2013-08-18 1
Offline Alecia Apa Email Rapid City, South Dakota, United States IMHS Student 2013-05-02 0
Offline Alexandra Bluhm Kansas City, MO, USA IMHS Student 2015-07-21 0
Offline Allyne Hylace Email Ashland, OR, USA IMHS Student 2012-06-11 0
Offline Alysia Doyle Email Where Juniper Grows (still under construction) Lancaster, NH, USA Professional 2014-07-29 0
Offline ANA PAULA ESPIRITO SANTO PROJETO RESET Rio de Janeiro Professional 2016-04-15 0
Offline Andrea Barnson Email Frederick IMHS Student 2013-08-22 0
Offline Angela Holladay Email Battle Ground, WA, United States Professional 2016-09-17 0
Offline Angela Wilson Email Brisbane Professional 2015-09-04 0
Offline Angie Weckworth Email El Dorado Hills, CA USA IMHS Student 2011-02-09 2
Offline Anjali Arnold Email Soul Tree Akashic Healing Golden Colorado USA Professional 2015-05-11 0
Offline Ann Montgomery Email Eden, UT, United States Professional 2018-03-23 0
Offline Annalien Pienaar Email Laezonia, Gauteng, South Africa IMHS Student 2013-12-19 0
Offline Anthony Jarrah Email I do not have a website other than a FB page at this stage Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia IMHS Student 2012-02-10 0
Offline Arron Fiveash Email Copperas Cove, Texas, United States IMHS Student 2010-12-09 15
Offline Audra Jackson Email Little Rock, AR, USA IMHS Student 2014-01-14 0
Offline Aurelia Aethyr Email Kiel Student 2019-02-24 0
Offline Ayanna Myers-Gonzalez Email Bronx, NY Professional 2019-06-20 0
Offline Barbara Bramos Email Salem, WV, USA IMHS Student 2012-11-09 0
Offline Belinda Griessel Email Pretoria Gauteng South Africa Professional 2020-01-25 0
Offline Bette Fletcher Email Spiritual Nature Tarot Land O Lakes FL Professional 2012-02-06 0
Offline Birgitte van der Heijden Email Oslo Professional 2018-11-03 0
Offline Bobby Hill, Jr. Ashland Medical Specialist Oswego, IL 60543 Professional 2017-10-24 0
Offline Bradford Crymes Naturally Sacred New Berlin, WI, United States Professional 2018-11-02 0
Offline Bradford Neil Ivie Email UFORIA - Unidentified Flying Objects Research and Investigative Assessment Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA IMHS Student 2012-03-16 0
Offline Bridgette Brown Email San Diego, California United States IMHS Student 2019-07-05 0
Offline Brigette Ford Staten Island, NY, USA Professional 2014-09-08 0
Offline Bruce Brown Email Journey to Soul Port JEfferson Station, New York, USA Professional 2011-10-23 0
Offline Bryan Arndt Email My website Toronto, Ontario CANADA Professional 2013-06-01 0
Offline Camille F. Edwards Email Universal School of Holistic Healing Charlotte, NC, United States Professional 2010-12-03 3
Offline Candace Nadine Breen Email Professional 2019-02-11 0
Offline Candice Wilson Email Ewya South Africa Professional 2018-04-29 0
Offline Carlyle Telford Email Wasilla IMHS Student 2014-04-09 0
Offline Caroline DeBolt Email The Spiritual Connection Boca Raton, FL, USA IMHS Student 2016-05-29 0
Offline Cathy Chargualaf Email Life Esteem Wellness Center Covina, CA Professional 2014-08-09 0
Offline Cecelia Vauldine Kendall Email Hollywood Professional 2018-04-14 0
Offline Chad Russell Email United States IMHS Student 2011-05-07 0
Offline Chanda DeYoung Email Justin, TX, USA IMHS Student 2014-03-10 0
Offline Chaszey Sandhriel Core Freedom Academy Dover, Delaware, USA Professional 2019-07-23 0
Offline Chris Gelder Email Chris Gelder United Kingdom Professional 2017-08-01 0
Offline Chris J MacDonald Sr Email Sedalia, Missouri, USA IMHS Student 2020-08-27 0
Offline Christopher J Peterson Email Bellingham, WA, USA Professional 2019-11-21 0
Offline Chuck Underhill Email Walpole NH USA 03609 IMHS Student 2011-01-31 1
Offline Claire Udy Email Moresby, Western Australia, Australia IMHS Student 2013-08-23 0
Offline Cliff (Ed) Sartor Email Greenbrier, AR, USA IMHS Student 2012-10-03 0
Offline Consuelo Wallace Email Connell, WA, USA IMHS Student 2012-03-03 0
Offline Corissa Weaver Westwood, New Jersey, USA Professional 2017-02-25 0
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